Tante Girang - So where is Dubai? People have asked me “where is Dubai” thinking that Dubai is a country.

Dubai city

United Arab Emirates (UAE) comprises of 7 states. They call it 7 emirates. Dubai is one of them and the most developed state in the whole of UAE. Dubai is located at the bottom of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering to the Gulf Sea from one side and other states from other sides. So Dubai is not a country, but a state.

Where is the Dubai City?

Well, the whole of Dubai is a city. There is no specific place called “Dubai City”. However, Deira in Dubai is known as the Business District and Bur Dubai is the main residential area. Jumeirah is a popular area closed to the beach and a bit expensive suburb

What is so special in Dubai?

You will find the answer throughout in this web site. But I will try to provide a short answer here.

Let's start with what Dubai is not and does not have...

Overcrowded – There are enough space for everyone in everywhere. It could be a beach, park or a shopping mall.

Rainy/Cloudy – Dubai is flat -- there are no mountains. That means few clouds, lots of sunshine and very little rain (few days for the whole year!). Visit Dubai weather page for more information on Dubai weather and when is the best time to visit.

Racial tension - the people here are so warm, the smiles are genuine. Unlike many Arabic countries, Dubai people have a different approach to their visitors.

Crime - you're safe, no matter where you are, or when. Dubai Gold souk has millions of dollars worth of Gold, but you won’t see a single Police Officer. Dubai law is tough and there's no place for robbers.

Dubai has everything a holidaymaker or a Job seeker is looking for. There are beautiful beaches in one side where you can relax and enjoy water sports. Then it is the Golden sandy dunes in the other side where you can enjoy desert safaris and sand bashing.

Dubai is a paradise for shoppers. It is a tax free city. Therefore prices are cheaper than any other country. You can shop till you drop!

If you are visiting from the USA or Europe then there are other advantages. There is an advantage for those who earn US$ and most of the European currencies due to the currency exchange rates. That means a Dollar can buy more in Dubai than in many other countries.

If you enjoy nightlife then you will definitely love Dubai.

You will find excellent restaurants and food in Dubai. You name it .. They have it.

Do you know what is the best of all? You can have a great holiday with all of the above for a fraction of money you would spend in another country. It is really cheap! Gairah Tante Girang


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